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About Dr. Jeffery Smith

As a freshman at Stanford, Dr. Smith locked in on a mission to become a therapist aiming to help others find themselves and thrive. His focus led to medical school at UCLA, internship in internal medicine, psychiatric residency in New York, and a 40 year career doing just what he had set out to do. Along the way, he built, ran, and sold a successful treatment program for addiction, co-founded a commercial website, became an award winning technology patent holder, and served as clinical associate professor of psychiatry, all the while maintaining an active therapy practice.

In recent years, as he had always planned, he stepped back to focus on the solution to the greatest mystery in the therapy field: how talk therapy actually works to foster enduring change. Out of that work came a blog,, three books for lay people, a podcast series, and the only how-to textbook of therapy that is not tied to any one orientation. Seeing that basic change processes apply beyond the therapy office, he has broadened his professional activities to speaking to business and professional groups on creativity and personal growth, and mentoring high achieving men and women. He resides in Westchester county, New York with his French wife, Claude, and spends as much time as possible at their second home in Cassis, France.

Most Requested Topics

How to Become More Creative Without Meditating

Much of the advice out there has the right idea that practice helps, but not everyone has the time to meditate or think up new ways to use a coffee filter. This talk gives three practical answers.

1) Learn to be proud of all your ideas and only filter out the bad ones before you go public.

2) Solve the problem, then throw out your work and start fresh.

3) Focus on the problem before sleep, then harvest the solution in the shower or on your radio-free commute.

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OMG! Do I Have Pockets of Immaturity?

As we grow and develop, experience is what teaches skills and resilience.

However, we all have challenges we couldn’t solve, and that feels really bad, so we learn to avoid those experiences.

How we do so depends on age, development, genetics, and a multitude of factors, but avoidance stops us from learning from experience, and that creates pockets of immaturity such as being a people pleaser or using aggression to avoid vulnerability.

This talk explains the problem and shows attendees how to step out of their comfort and start growing right now in just those areas they most dread.

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Difficult Conversations: Your Key to Business Success

Tim Ferris wrote, "A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have." Our instinctive avoidance and failure to develop skill in this area are the main causes of poor management, difficulty with negotiation, grudges and unresolved conflicts, and all the resulting consequences down the line.

This talk shows the magnitude of the problem, motivates the audience, and shows them how to make continuous improvement their goal in this vital domain.

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“We are Manhattanites who make the trip up to Scarsdale every week because Dr. Smith is that unique. His ability to analyze, pinpoint and figure out what is going on is unparalleled. He is the most intelligent and genuine therapist whose approach naturally generates open, easy conversation. His compassion and thoughtful nature make it easy to open up and quickly get to the core of the issues, then begin tackling them. We highly recommend him!”

“You have a unique talent for explaining complicated processes… Your explanations are like a light bulb going off.”

“Dr. Smith has been in my life for some time. He has been a coach, a mentor and a major pillar in my success as an executive, entrepreneur and as a man. I would not be where I am today without his coaching. I thank him for everything he has done for me and my career and strongly recommend anyone considering coaching and mentorship.”

“Jeffery is a results-oriented coach who has made a positive and enduring impact to my approach to dealing with both business and career challenges. The structure of our engagement allowed me to quickly identify, manage and master specific development goals which in turn allowed me to operate effectively and at a higher level. Overall, I found the experience well worth the investment of time and effort and expense.”

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